Waging VVar

by Mourn

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released March 14, 2016

All songs written by Mourn
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matt Tomasi
Cover/Logo by Jay Beckett



all rights reserved


Mourn Guelph, Ontario

Chris, Sam, Randy, Tim.

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Track Name: Soul Seeker
Curse your name, as it dwells on the tip of my tongue. Sour the taste of despair, as your blackness coats my lungs. The clock is quickly ticking and soon your time will come, to meet your maker, and end what you've become.

With my hands around your throat,
look you in the eyes as I release your soul,
feel the pain I feel, as you choke.

Greetings from the reaper, leave you breathless and your body cold, no more redemption, your soul will now burn slow, you'll have eternity to pay for what you've done, and ill live my life knowing, you I will never become.


You'll feel the pain I feel, as I release your soul.
Track Name: Death Sentence
There will come a day, when your forced to see my face, look into my eyes, as I dig your grave.
Forever suffering, for your mistakes, you'll beg for mercy, on your fucking knees.

You'll pay for every sin, that you've placed on me.
I am the judge, I am the jury.
You'll pay for every sin, that you've placed on me.
I am the judge, no forgiveness from me.

Death is the sentence, and its time you payed, you'll watch as I tie the noose, I'll watch as your soul slips away.
Execution, I cant wait to see your face, as the knot slips down, and I end your days.

I urn for the day, that I put you in your grave, no mercy from me.
Track Name: Narcissist
Narcissist, rotten to the core, no remorse, for everything that I have left broken and torn. Even with all these sins, I still have no regrets, I'll forever carry this weight on my chest.

You leave me no choice with my back against the wall.
With this hammer in my fist, I will punish you all.

Set up for failure, with no chance at all, deprived of my youth, when I was sent out on my own. Never look back, as I headed down that road. I blame this world for all that I've become. The hand I was dealt led me to the path I'm on.

Track Name: Null
Scratch, claw, I'm at war with all these demons within, constantly dragging me down, they just wont quite.
I remember the days that I felt for all my sins, so empty I have become, feeling nothing within.

All I feel is the pressure, of the claws, digging in.

With this devil on my shoulder, I'm not sure how long until I give in. With these demons pulling me down, I'm not sure how much longer I can stand. Some days, I feel like quitting, and just letting them take me in.

Ruin, Everything.

Ruin everything, watch this world burn slow from the hatred I feel inside. Let go.
Track Name: Waging VVar
Waging war, inside my head, everyday a constant battle, occurring within.
Waging war inside my head, I don't think I'll ever understand, why you chose to be a victim to this disease.

Lie cheat and steal, just to get the needle in your vain. Feel the pain of the world falling, to its fucking knees.

No mercy, for the mentally weak, No remorse for your fucking disease. Someday a real rain will come and wash the scum from the streets, someday a real rain will come, but for now its left up to me.

Suffering, so blind to see.
Suffering, no hope, your souls just to weak.
Suffering, the pain is far to deep.
Suffering, please just don't forget me.